Wired cotton shapable twisty headband Green Cord


Beautiful handmade wire cotton headband in Green Cord, a nice and light cotton fabric, fits and twists to any head shape. Style it in a bow or a knot, the shape will stay due to the wire.

Keep your ears warm with this beautiful easy wear knotted headband, which are stitched into an easy, permanent knot. The addition of the perfectly placed permanent knot means it doesn’t need to be re-tied. The band is super comfortable, and just stretches gently onto your head.  It is easy to wear both as a hair accessory or for warmth, for instance. Moreover, the knot can be worn on the top of your head or to the side, depending on your style.

They make great gifts for a fashion lover with an eye for the unique.


More about the designer: These beautiful one of a kind trousers are handmade by a designer called Zoe who runs ‘Collect Me’. She handmakes all of the brand’s clothing in Frome, Somerset. Collect me is a sustainable fashion label. All of the fabulous wares in their range is made with upcycled fabric. Therefore each piece is likely one of kind item. As a result Collect me pieces are very wearable and will translate into many different wardrobe styles.

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