Handmade, One of a Kind, Glitter Charcoal Wrap Twist Long Sleeve Top – Size 8-12


This beautiful metallic, sparkly charcoal twist top is the perfect top for winter. It’s ‘one size’ but will fit between an 8 and a 12.

The fit is flattering and drapes nicely over the shoulders and chest. The top has a twist effect at the front, making it look like a wrap top. The metallic material is so light, so it will be super comfortable to wear on any occasion. The top has a shiny metallic effect which glistens in the light.


More about the designer: Candace Miller is the genius behind the brand 1.000.001. She works mainly with end of line fabrics, so each collection is always small, select and limited. Each piece of clothing is beautifully handmade with precision. Candace is an experienced seamstress, designer and tailor to the stars with many years experience in high end fashion. The attention to detail shown in her work is incredibly precise, down to the finishes, and seam pressing of each piece.

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