Nata Jersey Dress in Blackest Black


This is not your average bodycon dress! This is a MANNERS LDN dress, and it’s made from the most comfortable, thick, figureshaping, bodyhugging, softest jersey you can find! These dresses are so comfortable and confidence boosting, that you’ll never look at dresses the same way again. A product we’re super proud to stock, and a brand whose ethos about making clothes for every shape and size is something we can really relate to.  The fabric used for all Manners London pieces is super thick with a huge stretch allowance without going see through at all so pieces to range across sizes. On arrival items will look small but don’t be scared, its just the nature of the fabric and what makes it so deliciously smoothing and shaping and magical!
About the brand: 
Manners London is a range of simple classic cuts made from the highest quality super thick stretch cotton jersey to fit women of every glorious shape and size. All items are designed to smooth, shape and offer full support. Sally Mansfield, the owner of MANNERS LDN says: ‘Building and creating Manners London is an ongoing journey, the best part of which is working with and being surrounded and supported  by beautiful, powerful, interesting, kind and strong women!’


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