Kaleidoscope rainbow fade Leggings


These super jazzy kaleidoscope patterned leggings are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Would looks great teamed with black, white or even pastels. They are medium/high waist, and the fabric has a nice stretch, although yet a nice sturdy feel. The fabric itself is really soft, – like reeaaaaaly soft – and almost feels like brushed cotton. The pattern washes well, doesn’t run or fade and they’re not see through.

One size available, which fits all legs and butts from a size UK8 to a UK12. Sorry we aren’t currently able to get them in smaller or bigger sizes. The leggings fit across size 8/10/12 really well, and the pattern doesn’t distort on a size 12, nor do they go saggy on a size 8. They’re kind of magic like that! It’s all in the softness of the stretch. Equally great for working out in or just day to day life.

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