‘Kaleidoscope Green’ Small make-up bag in Green and Silver


This gorgeous and unique make-up bag is suitable for everyday use. You can use it either as an on-the-go makeup bag, a glasses case, bag divider or pencil case. The bag is made with hard wearing, stabilising dark lining, and a matching zip

The outer fabric is screen printed with a detailed shimmering glitter pattern set against the strong geomtric shaped fabric undertones. This double patterning really makes this bag something special, and an ideal gift.

The bag measures 23,5cm wide and 11cm high, it’s slightly wider at the bottom, and tapers in nicely towards the zip.

Each bag is unique, and made to order. Please allow 3-5 days making time before we send our bags out for delivery. Due to the bags being made up individually, the pattern and colour of the fabric may vary slightly, depending on where on the roll it is cut.


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