new – Tribal Print Colour block batwing sweatshirt hoodie in turquoise, teal, pink – size uk s/m


Don’t just whisper, scream in this super bold statement batwing sweater. Casual glam doesn’t get much more fun than this twist on the classic hoodie.

52cm across the chest

Unique and handmade, each jumper has a slightly different spin & no two are exactly the same.

More about the designer: An Original Leroy is a clothing brand designed for the movers, shakers, and risk takers. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s festival, swim and club aesthetics, this brand is all round fun. Many of the fabric used are also up-cycled, giving this brand a sustainable edge. The brand is based in Birmingham and each piece is handmade by designer Natasha Wright and her small team. The pieces are easy to wear, style and bold, perfect for everyday wear.



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