Love Specs


See hearts and love EVERYWHERE with these amazing Love Specs!

They work in mysterious ways, turning every light source into a perfect love heart! They will warm your heart and make you feel all lovey-dovey in an instant! Especially good for fireworks, night clubs, gigs or festivals!

They also double up as sunglasses so you can stay sassy and under cover from the suns rays too!

The perfect present or just as a gift for yourself, they also have the added bonus of giving a portion of the money for every pair of Love Specs sold to the ‘Love Support Unite’ charity! This charity works with communities and the Tiinanu orphanage in Malawi to provide education and support, and to help make the communities self-sufficient! We Love Love Specs for that! Read more about it all on www.lovesupportunite.org.

Registered Charity 1133208

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