Iridescent neon green Reversible Sequin Headband wired Headwrap with neon yellow leopard print Velvet Lining


This beautiful sequin head wrap is super easy to style. The velvet lining is super soft and amazing quality. The sturdy wiring means that the headband holds well, and is therefore really comfortable. Handmade in Brighton by ‘Pica Pica Feathers’, this sequin headband is a show-stopping statement piece. The perfect addition to party outfits or to simply brighten your wardrobe.

The band is approximately 12cm wide, and the wrap is cleverly slanted on both ends, so that you can easily form a perfect faux bow. The length is 85cm on the shorter side, and 95cm on the longest side. Easy to store, simply roll up around your hand, and easy to hand wash.

More about the designer: ‘Pica Pica Feathers’ uses beautiful luxurious fabrics, ethnic trims, the most sparkly bright gems and sequins to create her stunning, inspired festival fashion accessories.  It is all about enhancing the very magic and euphoria of planning festival and party outfits.  perfect time to express yourself creatively.


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