Face Mask – Suzani fabric in peach, pink and orange, handmade mask – 5 sizes


Handmade in Bristol, this ‘Butchi & Gosmos’ mask is made to order. The reusable, washable face mask come with a slot on the left to allow a filter to be inserted. The mask is made in Bristol from Cotton and poly cotton layers – one thicker than the other. It provides adequate face cover for shopping and public transport, but is not a medical mask. We do however sell the PM2.5 filter separately, which filters particles larger than 2.5microns

We stock 5 different sizes in the masks, and the filters fit all sizes. Choose your mask size as follows:


XS: Fits pre-teens, or young adults with very small faces

S: Small adults or older teens.

M: Regular women’s fit, or small mens size*

L: Regular men’s fit, or larger than medium women’s size*

XL: This mask is bigger, and  suits a face that is overall wider and taller. Also suitable for people with large beards


Each mask is made to order. This is a made to order item. Please allow 5 days making time before we send our masks out for delivery. Due to the masks being made up individually, the pattern of the fabric colour and pattern can vary slightly, depending on where on the roll it is cut.

(*We prefer not to use gender specific pronouns, but in the interest of ease of size interpretation, the wider pronouns ‘men & women’ have been used in this context to illustrate the typical sizes known therein. We are an inclusive store – we welcome all genders and sizes, and hope this merely helps as a guide to sizing).


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