Black St. Paul’s Carnival T-Shirt


St. Paul’s Carnival T-shirt

This t-shirt is super special to us for so many reasons! It is our very first charity t-shirt, but also our very first artist-collaboration t-shirt! The T-shirt is supporting St Paul’s Carnival -an event that’s very close to our hearts (and on our doorstep!) -and one that we hope will continue to exist for years to come! This year is the 50th anniversary of St. Paul’s Carnival and we can’t wait to celebrate! 20% of each sale will go directly to the St Paul’s Carnival Charity. We also ensure the artist gets a fair cut from this collaboration as we believe creative talent should be recognised. Fine more of Sophie’s work here!



These T-shirts are UNISEX CUT T-shirts. They are presented in sizes according to size tabs. Please see below for sizing.

S = women’s size (up to 8) · Men’s size S

M = women’s size 8-10 · Men’s size M

L = women’s size 12-14 · Men’s size L

XL = women’s 14-16 · Men’s size XL

XXL = women’s 16-18 · Men’s size XXL


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